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After years of developing my SEO team and fine-tuning my ranking tactics and strategies, I finally feel comfortable offering an SEO service that I can associate with my LIONS CLUB website (which is the website that I’m most proud of ūüėÄ ). The SEO work that I offer goes beyond what I teach in my online school because it also includes high PR single links from private access blog networks (these are links that Google cannot associate with the network¬†and has incredible difficulty stopping).


Put simply, this is the most effective and hardest-to-replicate SEO work that can be done for a website, and Google has no way of knowing what websites use it.


Not only will you save money outsourcing your SEO work through my team (since I’ve already got this whole process setup and streamlined), you’ll be saving a lot of time and headache as well.


Here is how it works:

1. You submit up to 3 pages of a website and up to 5 keywords for each.

2. My team will submit your URLs and keywords throughout the appropriate websites within my network (as well as other parts of the web), making sure to stay within the appropriate percentage ratios (details on this further below).

3. I will alert you when the job is complete in roughly three to four weeks.

And it’s as easy as that, just the way I’ve been doing it for my own keywords¬†with my¬†team for years. ūüėÄ


Some notes about the services provided:

  • The plans are personally customized (to a degree)¬†based on your website, targeted keywords, competition, etc.
  • All articles submitted on the web are optimized with related original content, including text and pictures.
  • A good portion of the articles will also link out to other non-competing authority websites (this is much more natural looking).
  • The anchor text variation is¬†on the safe side of the recommended ratios (in other words, more diversity and naked links to ensure total safety).
  • The content is slow dripped over a 3-4 week period.
  • If you are doing repeat orders for the same website, I’ll make sure different websites are used for your backlinks with each order, to make sure you get the most benefit each time.


Here are the details of the different plans that I offer:





Any of these plans would be safe and effective for a brand new website.


This service is ideal for:

  • Those of you that want to build a solid link foundation for a new website or give a powerful boost to an already strong one.
  • Those of you that want to diversify the link profile of a website that was destroyed by Panda and Penguin because of an unnatural link profile (i.e. not enough anchor text variation).
  • Those of you that want to get high rankings in a niche industry or a new industry (in some cases, this service can accomplish that by itself).

Note: I only do this for English language keywords (my¬†private blog network is made up of English websites and therefore won’t work for keywords in other languages).



Bronze Plan
Silver Plan
Gold Plan

No contracts. Just one-time payments whenever you like.


If you are interested in a service where I personally rank your target keyword(s) for your website(s), I offer that service as well. Please note that this is a highly-exclusive service that is paid for monthly and slightly higher priced.

Because I launch those campaigns at the same time that I launch my own, I only open up this opportunity for a few days once every month or two and I only take a limited amount of clients at a time (this is because I don’t want to go over capacity for what I can handle and it helps me for organizational / administrative purposes).
Also note that if¬†I am already going after a¬†keyword or niche for myself or a client, I can’t take on a new client to go after the same thing.

If this is something that you are interested in, please sign up below.


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